Hi, I'm zemna. I'm a Software Programmer and Software Architect.

Who is zemna?

My realname is Shinjae Kang. I was born in South Korea and master Computer Science. I worked in korean software company about 7 years, after that I'm working in Indonesia.

Desktop Programmer

Develop desktop softwares using VC++, Visual Basic, C#, WPF.

Web Programmer

Develop web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, CodeIgniter and Laravel.

Mobile Programmer

Develop android mobile apps.

Software Architect

Analysis and design software structure using various methods.


Always study for a new programming skills to develop better softwares.

Desktop Projects

Wirelss Configuration Changer


Automatically change wireless network configuration by SSID

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Zemna File Renamer


Rename single or multiple file(s) with rules

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Diagram Maker

Library & Program

Generate diagram for multiple purpose

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Windows Service Controller


Monitoring and automatically controls selected windows service

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Text Entryptor


Encrypt and Descrypt text in file using key

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Program (Shell Extension)

Windows command prompt execution shell extension

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Mobile Projects

App List Backup


Backup app list installed in your smartphone and share

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Zemna App Advisor


Easily recommand installed app to other people to help install

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Web Projects

Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature Monitoring System Icon

Real-time temperature monitoring and search history

Production Monitoring System

Production Monitoring System Icon

Real-time production status monitoring

Approval System

Approval System Icon

Approval system for company


Notification System

Notification System Icon

General purpose user notification system using various methods

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Update Management System

Update Management System Icon

Software version management system to automatic update

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I hope you be better with my applications..
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

Any questions or suggestions?

Please connect with me about anything.

Shinjae Kang
Full Stack Developer

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