Concept about Cost Analyzer

My company use excel to simulate cost for sales product. But it is hard to manage and share with other people. So I want to make Cost Analyzer system to manage data.

Let’s think about Cost Analyzer system.

Key Concept

  • User can manage product
  • User can manage category
  • User can manage currency
  • User can simulate cost
  • User can access using web browser & mobile phone
  • User can print or export cost simulation result

Database Structure

Here is ERD(Entity Relationship Diagram) about Cost Analayzer system.

Cost Analyzer ERD

categories, products and currencies tables are very simple. Let’s check about cost_simulations table.

Column Description
id Row identifier
product_id Product ID which want to simulate
target_month Simulation target month (Will be used for sorting)
hs_code HS Code
unit_price Unit price from supplier
qty Product qty
currency_id Currency which will use
cif_amount CIF Amount to simulate tax
bm_percent Tariff percent (BM is the name in Indonesia)
bm_amount Tariff amount (CIF * Tariff percent)
bm_unit_price Tariff unit price (Tariff amount / Qty)
pph_percent Prepaid tax percent (PPh is the name in Indonesia)
pph_amount Prepaid tax amount ((CIF + Tariff amount) * Prepaid tax percent)
pph_unit_price Prepaid tax unit price (Prepaid tax amount / Qty)
ppn_percent VAT percent (PPN is the name in Indonesia)
ppn_amount VAT amount ((CIF + Tariff amount) * VAT percent)
ppn_unit_price VAT unit price (VAT amount / Qty)
forwarding_amount Forwarding Fee
forwarding_unit_price Forwarding Fee per product (Forwarding Fee / Qty)
rate Currency rate
gift_price Additional Gift price if exists
retail_price Retail Price
retail_margin Retail margen percent
supply_price Supply price

Development Stack

Programming Language


Base Framework

Use Laravel Framework. It is the most popular PHP framework in the world and very well structured.

  • Bootstrap & AdminLTE theme for UI design
  • FontAwesome for icon
  • VueJS for Progressive Web
  • DataTables for Table
  • axios for AJAX request



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