Wireless Configuration Changer

Change Wireless Network Configuration by SSID

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Automatic Wireless Configuration Changer by SSID

Wireless Configuration Changer Main Screen


  • Microsoft Windows
  • .NET Framework


Download setup file and install.

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How to use

Connect to Access Point

Turn on your wireless and connect to access point. You can change network configuration after this.

Save Profile

Wireless Configuration Changer manages each network configuration as Profile. First time you connect to access point, you can see No profile found status.

No Profile Found

Click Save Profile button to save. After save, Wireless Configuration Changer automatically searchs associated profile and applies configuration.

Save Profile

Edit Profile

Double click in list or click Edit Profile button to edit saved profile. You can edit network configuration for each SSID.

Apply Profile

If you want to apply other profile to current SSID, click Apply Profile button. Normally you should Save applied profile to use later.


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