How to filtering content using relation in @nuxt/content

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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Maybe your site article has relation with categories and tags.

This tutorial shows how to filtering articles by tag.

Add tag content files to content folder

name: Test
description: This is test tag

Add tags front matter to content

title: This is test post
  - Test
  - Nuxt

This is test post. Hello World.

Create tags/_slug/index.vue file

Add where clause to filtering articles by selected tag.

    <!-- Your html code -->

export default {
  async asyncData({ $content, params }) {
    const tag = await $content('tags', params.slug).fetch()
    const articles = await $content('articles')
      .only(['title', 'description', 'img', 'slug', 'tags'])
      .where({ 'tags': { $contains: } })
      .sortBy('createdAt', 'asc')

    return {
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