How to solve kdevtmpfsi using 100{83832c2e9762d7d59158bb8e184331dad143c7b73eb69f86229ee6e276689139} CPU resource in your server

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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Kill Process

sudo kill -9 [PID of kdevtmpfsi]
sudo kill -9 [PID of kinsing]

Remove Files

sudo rm -f /tmp/kdevtmpfsi(or + random identifier)

sudo rm -f /var/tmp/kinsing(or + random identifier)
sudo rm -f /tmp/kinsing(or + random identifier)

Change Permission

sudo chmod -R go-x /tmp
sudo chmod -R 0777 /tmp/
sudo chmod -R go-x /var/tmp
sudo chmod -R 0777 /var/tmp/

Blocking php-fpmx.x exposed port 9000

sudo apt install ufw
sudo ufw allow 80 <-- for HTTP connection if needs
sudo ufw allow 443 <-- for HTTPS conneciton if needs
sudo ufw allow "OpenSSH" <-- for ssh connection
sudo ufw deny 9000 <-- for blocking 9000 port from outside
sudo ufw enable
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