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How to use Lightbox in Jekyll

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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Install with bower

$ bower install ekko-lightbox --save

Basic usage likes bellow,

![Image Title](/assets/img/github-logo.png){: width="400px" }

If you want to give lightbox feature to all images in page, we can it by bellow javascript.

first, give anchor to image in jekyll

[![Title](/assets/img/github-logo.png){: width="400px"}](/assets/img/github-logo.png)

and, make javascript like bellow,

$(function() {
$('img').each(function() {
var that = $(this);
that.closest('a').attr('data-toggle', 'lightbox').attr('data-title', that.attr('alt'));

$(document).delegate('*[data-toggle="lightbox"]', 'click', function(e) {

This is sample.

Title{: width="400px"}

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