How to use mind map in PC and mobile device for free

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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By previous article,  we can use mind map using Dropbox cloud service. If we want to use mind map in our PC, we have to get 'MindManager' software. That software is not free. To use mind map in our PC for free, we can use 'XMind' software.

[note] Download XMind : Download Link [/note]

To easily use in our PC, we have to change settings in 'Mindjet for Android' app.

Change default file format

Open Settings screen and change 'Default file format' to XMind.

By this setting, all new mind maps are saved XMind file format(.xmind). If you already have another types of mind map in your mobile device, You can change that mind map file format to XMind using XMind software in your PC.

XMind software can open other types of mind map. And we can save that file to XMind file format.

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