PHP Tutorial to Send Direct Message to Rocket.Chat User

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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1. Overview

I need to send direct message to target user to notify user action in my PHP application. My company already has Rocket.Chat messaging system as a Company Messenger. So I decide to use it. Here is a sample.

2. Rocket.Chat Setting

2.1. Give create-d permission to Bot role

To send Direct Message from Bot to user, Bot role has to have create-d permission. Go to "Administration" -> "Permissions" and check create-d permission for bot role.

Rocket.Chat create-d permission{: .img-responsive}

2.2. Create a new bot user

This step is optional if you want to use existing bot user as a sender of this notification.

Go to "Administration" -> "Users" and create a new Bot user and activate.

2.3. Create a new WebHook

Go to "Administration" -> "Integrations" and create a new "Incoming WebHook". And input each settings like this:

  • Enabled : True
  • Name (Optional) : Your WebHook Name (ex: My WebHook)
  • Post to Channel : Input any default username. This will override. (ex: @zemna)
  • Post as : Input bot user created by Step 2.2 (ex:my-project-bot)
  • Script Enabled : False

Click Save Changes to save.

2.4. Test WebHook

You can see the curl example on page. Copy it and execute from command prompt to test. If you can receive notification message, all settings are correct.

But if you didn't receive, please check this;

  • WebHook is enabled or not?
  • To send direct message to user, sending user must have create-d permission. You already give permission or not?

2.5. Copy your WebHook URL

You can see WebHook URL on Incoming WebHook page. Copy it to use in your php application.

3. PHP Application Programming

3.0. Prerequisites

We need a mapping betwwen PHP application user and Rocket.Chat user. You have to make like Rocket.Chat Integration page to let user input Rocket.Chat username, or use same username between them.

3.1. Install guzzle using composer

We will use guzzle as a HTTP Client. Install guzzle using composer.

$ composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle

3.2. Sending Direct Message

Write coding like bellow to send direct message to user.

$client = new GuzzleHttpClient();

$client->post('Paste Your WebHook URL Here', [
'body' => json_encode([
'channel' => '@' . $username,
'username' => 'My PHP Project',
'text' => 'New notification arrived',
'attachments' => [[
'title' => 'Notification Title',
'title_link' => '',
'text' => 'Notification description',
'color' => '#0000FF'

See Guzzle Documentation for more options.

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