Some Tips when using Entrust in Laravel

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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I got the problem when using bican/roles Role module in my Laravel project.

There is an error when I check permission.

So I decided to move zizaco/entrust and tested all features working normal.

How to install Entrust

Install use composer

$ composer require zizaco/entrust:5.2.x-dev

Setting to config/app.php

Add bellow line to providers array in config/app.php.


Add bellow line to aliases array in config/app.php.

    'Entrust' => ZizacoEntrustEntrustFacade::class,

Setting to app/Http/Kernal.php

Add bellow lines to routeMiddleware array in app/Http/Kernal.php.

    'role' => ZizacoEntrustMiddlewareEntrustRole::class,
'permission' => ZizacoEntrustMiddlewareEntrustPermission::class,
'ability' => ZizacoEntrustMiddlewareEntrustAbility::class,

Publish entrust.php file

$ php artisan vendor:publish

Database Setup

Generate Entrust migration

$ php artisan entrust:migration

It will generate the _entrust_setup_tables.php migration.

Execute migration

$ php artisan migrate

Trouble shootings

Error when execute migration

After create _entrust_setup_tables.php, you have to write your users table in this file. Open _entrust_setup_tables.php file and write name of users table to 28 line.


This cache store does not support tagging

Set CACHE_DRIVER=array in .env file.

Error when delete role

In Laravel 5.2, error is occured when delete role. Because Entrust get User class using Config::get('auth.model').

EntrustRoleTrait.php file

* Many-to-Many relations with the user model.
* @return IlluminateDatabaseEloquentRelationsBelongsToMany
public function users()
return $this->belongsToMany(Config::get('auth.model'), Config::get('entrust.role_user_table'),Config::get('entrust.role_foreign_key'),Config::get('entrust.user_foreign_key'));
// return $this->belongsToMany(Config::get('auth.model'), Config::get('entrust.role_user_table'));

So We have to return right user model by that position. There are two solutions for this.

1. Change EntrustRoleTrait.php file to use correct configuration value.

We can change Config::get('auth.model') to Config::get('auth.providers.users.model'). Laravel 5.2 already have users model information in that position.

2. Add auth.model value to config/auth.php file

We can also add new value to config/auth.php file to allow Entrust get rights value.

return [

* Add this configuration for Entrust
'model' => AppUser::class,
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