Use Mind map with Dropbox cloud service

Author: zemna
Date: April 17, 2021
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If you want to use mind map application to manage your thinking and also want to use mind map by any type of your device, you can consider to use Mindjet app and Dropbox cloud service.

Mindjet app is the next version of Thinking Space mind map app in Android Market. This app has got 'Dropbox Support' option to manage mind map file using cloud service.

1. Install Dropbox to your PC

At first, you can install dropbox application to manage mind map file using your PC. If you don't need to manage that file by your PC, you can skip this step.

[note color="#FFCC00"] Download Link [/note]

After finish installation, you can use Dropbox sync folder to manage mind map file.

2. Install 'Mindjet for Android' app from Android Market

To use mind map in your android mobile device, you have to install 'Mindjet for Android' app from Android Market. You can install this app using following link.

[note] Download Link [/note]

3. Set Dropbox cloud service in 'Mindjet for Android' app

To use Dropbox cloud service, you have to check 'Dropbox Support' option in settings screen.

If you check 'Dropbox support' option, you can see the following screen. Click 'Allow' button.

Now, Dropbox will have Appsmindjet folder. Mindmap app will use that folder to sync mind map file.

4. Sync mind map using Dropbox

To sync mind map using Dropbox, long click a mind map. You can see the following screen.

If you click 'Sync with Dropbox' menu, that mind map will be uploaded to Dropbox cloud service and will be synchronized.

And also if you add new mind map file to DropboxAppsmindjet folder in Dropbox, that mind map will be downloaded automatically to your mobile device.

Using this great feature, you can manage our mind map file easily.

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