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Best Web Template for Admin Interface! AdminLTE

AdminLTE is the best free admin template based on Bootstrap 3.x. It is the best choice for frontend developer who want to make admin interface more faster. But now, AdminLTE only supplies less for...

How to solve SSL error of RubyGems 0

How to solve SSL error of RubyGems

When you exeucte gem command, you may see SSL error like bellow.

This error is produced because of changes in infrastructure. How to solve it? 1. Downlaod update package Download update package...


Setup Virtual Development Environment for PHP Project

To make development environment in programmers computer, There are so many applications which have to install. But If we use Virtual development environment, we can install thoese applications to separeted operating system and also...


PHP Tutorial to Send Direct Message to Rocket.Chat User

1. Overview I need to send direct message to target user to notify user action in my PHP application. My company already has Rocket.Chat messaging system as a Company Messenger. So I decide to...


Complex unique validation rule in Laravel

Laravel provides unique validation rule for check unique value on a given database table. Ref : Syntax unique:table,column,except,idColumn,whereColumn1,whereValue1,whereColumn2,whereValue2,… Ex1. Validate unique value in given database table

Ex2. Validate unique value except given...


How to add a new options by user to Select2 dropdown

If you want to give user can add new options to select tag in runtime, you can use Select2 jQuery library to do it. Final result is like this: 1. Enable tags option



Use –create option when create migration

To create migration, we can use this artisan command.

Laravel will create a new migration file in database/migrations directory. Generated file is like this:

up() method is used to create a new...


How to update timestamp in pivot table in Laravel

When insert a new row to pivot table, we can use attach() method like this:

But this will not update created_at and updated_at timestamps column in pivot table. To update timestamps, use withTimestamps()...

Automated Deploy with Jekyll, Gulp, Travis CI and GitHub Pages 0

Automated Deploy with Jekyll, Gulp, Travis CI and GitHub Pages

1. Make .travis.yml file to root

2. Generate Personal access tokens from GitHub website Click settings menu Click Personal access tokens menu Click Generate new token button Input Token description like travis Check...