How to easily copy files from one S3 bucket to another

Author: zemna
Date: November 5, 2023
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To copy files from one S3 bucket to another, you can use the Vultr Object Storage API or a command-line tool like rclone. Below, I'll outline how you can use rclone to achieve this. rclone is a versatile and easy-to-use command-line tool for managing cloud storage services, including Vultr Object Storage.

Here are the steps to move files from one Vultr Object Storage bucket to another using rclone:

1. Install rclone

First, you need to install rclone on your local machine. You can download it from the official website or use a package manager if it's available for your operating system.

2. Configure rclone

Configure rclone: Once rclone is installed, you need to configure it to work with Vultr Object Storage. Run the following command and follow the prompts:

   rclone config

When prompted, choose "n" to create a new remote, and then provide a name for the configuration (e.g., "vultr").

For Vultr Object Storage, you will select "S3" as the storage type. You will need to provide the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for your Vultr account, as well as the region (e.g., "ewr" for Newark) and the endpoint (e.g., ""). You can refer to Vultr's official documentation for these details.

3. Copy or move files from one bucket to another

Copy files from one bucket to another: You can use the rclone copy command to copy files from one Vultr Object Storage bucket to another. Here's the basic syntax:

   rclone copy source-remote:source-bucket/ destination-remote:destination-bucket/
  • source-remote and destination-remote are the names you provided during the configuration step (e.g., "vultr").
  • source-bucket is the name of the source bucket.
  • destination-bucket is the name of the destination bucket. For example, to copy files from "source-bucket" to "destination-bucket," you can use the following command:
rclone copy vultr:source-bucket/ vultr:destination-bucket/

This will copy all the files from the source bucket to the destination bucket. If you want to move the files instead of copying them, you can use the rclone move command instead.

Make sure to replace the placeholders with your actual configuration details and bucket names. rclone is a powerful tool, and you can use additional options to control the copying behavior, such as filtering files or displaying progress. Check the rclone documentation for more information on available options:

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